Accuracy is what defines a satisfying massage. And that, is delivered by MASTER DRIVE’s 4D M Spa. Powered by an all-new operating system, the High Performance A.R.M Microprocessor, the massage rollers have thermal capabilities and are enhanced with human-like precision – adding a whole new dimension to massage for your body.


Stimulating spa experience that feels like a warm hand massage.

Human Touch Massage

Moves in all directions with adjustable rhythms, as if performed by a human.

Precise Body Analysis and Scanning

Installed precision sensors analyse different body shapes and sizes at adjustable intensity levels.

Targets 36 Acupunctural Points

Hit all the right spots, for a host of healthy benefits.

M Sensing L-Track

Wider coverage with 1.35m L-shaped track that covers neck to hips.

Precise and performance-optimised, MASTER DRIVE’s all-new operating system responds quickly and adjusts the massage accurately to your commands. True mastery of accuracy –  now that begins here.


Target those tight knots in your neck and shoulders. Soothe your tired spine and back after a long day at work. Relieve those achy arms. You can even tone your hips and thighs with MASTER DRIVE’s meticulous massages for every body.

SHOULDER + NECK (Dual Airbags Compression Massage)

  • Holds shoulders in place for posture correction by extending chest and back.
  • Focuses on the acupunctural points Feng Chi (headaches) and Jian Jing (pain & stiffness) to relieve discomfort due to prolonged sedentary periods; Jian Zhong Shu to strengthen the respiratory system.

SPINE + WAIST (Accurate Rollers Deep Tissue Massage)

  • Focuses on the acupunctural points Xinshu (mind-calming) and Shenshu (strengthens kidneys) to reduce muscle tension in your lower back and improve blood circulation.

ARMS + HANDS (Accurate Airbags Pressure Point Massage)

  • Airbags consist of small bumps to target all your core muscles.
  • Helps to alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome.

HIPS + THIGHS (Dual Airbags Pulsating Massage)

  • Focuses on the acupunctural points Huan Tiao and Huan Zhong.
  • Helps to tone hips and thighs, improve blood circulation and reduce numbness.

All-New Combination of Human-Like Massage Techniques

Tapping   /   Tui Na   /   Clapping   /   Swedish Massage   /   Shiatsu Massage   /   Kneading

We often take our knees for granted, even though it is such an important joint in our body. Now, you can treat your knees to much-needed care with MASTER DRIVE’s 3D Knee M+. With strategically-fitted thermal airbags, slip into total relaxation from the knees and deep into your soles.

3D Knee M+

Target your 2 main acupunctural points with airbags and heat therapy – Xue Hai (spleen) and Liang Qiu (stomach) – to improve blood circulation and liver function, as well as remedy gastric and bloating issues.

Heat + Pressure Massage for Calves

Designed to tone calves, promote flow and soothe joint pain. Extendable up to 10cm at the upper calves and up to 18cm at the lower calves, enjoy better coverage and comfort!

Sole massage rollers and airbags now come with analysis technology to deliver a more intricate and intensive massage. The result is effective body heat release and reduced muscle spasms.

Made to Enhance Your Massage

All airbags at the leg section of MASTERDRIVE are equipped with a Speedy Pressure System. This additional feature creates rapid movements to mimic human massages.

Product Features

Ultimate M Drive Navigator

A feature exclusive to MASTER DRIVE. Easy to navigate without disrupting your massage experience.

Mood-Enhancing Light Therapy

Known to help uplift moods, increase metabolism and promote detoxification.

Choose from 7 modes, including:

WAVE – the default choice for soothing comfort & hip-shaping

MIST – to relax and regulatesleeping patterns

ENERGETIC – for boosting energy levels

All-New OS 1.0 & 7-inch Touch Screen

Track the accuracy of your massages better with a larger screen.