Smart Delight Plus


Because your body cares, thats why! Aches are your body’s way of telling you that it’s not feeling right. You live in a fast-moving world where you probably spend hours and hours working in your office, with your body locked in the same uncomfortable chair. Your stress level is constantly high because of the demands at work. You have trouble falling asleep and you sleep later than you should. You can’t seem to relax your body and mind. You want to exercise more often but can never seem to find the time.

Perhaps it’s time you start caring too.

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Product Features

First-Of-Its-Kind Backrest Scanning

Unlike conventional backrest scanning, while Smart Delight Plus scans your body shape and size to personalise your massage, it also massages you Рfirst, with a gentle downward kneading massage to test muscle tenderness, followed by an upward rolling massage Рto prepare your body for a good specialised massage.

Adjustable Shoulder And Foot Rest

Designed adjustable to accommodate different shoulder sizes and heights, so that every massage session is perfectly enjoyable for everyone.

Zig-Zag Massage

Inspired by the unique stretching techniques employed in Thai massage. Stretches your body, from your shoulders to your waists, in a zigzag motion, relieving and freeing your body from stress and aches.

Heat Therapy

Detoxifies your body via heat- included perspiration, using the same principles of sauna and hot stone therapy. Completely relaxes your body by enveloping the area from your back to your thigh in soothing heat.

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Intellicare Massage

Spinal Care

Specifically designed to take care of your spine based on the theories of osteopathy, Spinal Care helps to realign your spine by massaging it with stimulated thumb-presses of the new Evolved 3D Rollers, while your body is gently fixed in a therapeutic position by arm and shoulder airbags. Your spine will also be stretched, effectively relaxing tensed muscles to make it more receptive to spinal corrective therapy.


The spine consists of 33 bones. It carries and supports the majority of our body’s weight. It also houses and protects our spinal cord, where all of our nerves connect, making it undeniably one of the most important parts of our body.


Because of the role it plays, our spine could easily affected by our daily activities, such as sitting in the same position for extended hours or overexertion in sports. Even a chore as simple as lifting grocery bags from the ground has its toll on our spine. If it’s not properly cared, our spine could become misaligned, or worse, our spinal cord could be damaged, causing some very serious injuries.

Stress Care

Intelligently designed based on the methods of insomia therapies, Stress Care is programmed to keep your stress level minimised to give you a good night’s sleep. It helps your body to fully relax with a full body massage that primarily targets your shoulders and neck – two of the most common stress points of your body. This program also removes lactic acid and improves blood circulation concurrently with heat theraphy on your thighs and back.


Stress has always been inevitable. It can’t be totally eliminated. But it’s not totally a bad thing either; a little stress can actually enhance your performance. A lot of stress, however, can be damaging. Especially in this lightning-paced digital age we live in, where demands at work are tremendous, deadlines are impossible, schedules are hectic, and peer pressure is high.


One of the most common problems associated with stress is insomnia. Stress prevents your brain form relaxing properly, making it hard for you to fall asleep. It also makes you moody and nervous, and in some cases, clouds your judgement, While it is normally thought to be a mental condition, stress is also capable of affecting the body physically. Symptoms includes aches at common stress points, such as your neck and your shoulders.

Joint Care

Joint Care focuses its massage on your legs to soothe stiff muscles, with your body fully relaxed in the zero gravity position. Your joints will be stretched with advance stretching techniques to relieve joint aches efficiently. Joint Care also stimulates the flow of synovial joint fluids, which help in movements.


Joints are where two or more bones connect with each other. They are a crucial part of our musculoskeletal system, which allows are body to move. Joints are held together by strong and flexible fibrous cords called ligaments. There are three types of joints. Fibrous joints, joined by connective tissues rich in collagen fibres; cartilaginous joints, which are connected by cartilages and synovial joints, which are not directly connected.


Strains, Sprains, Arthritis or any kind of damage to the joints can hamper your movement and are extremely painful. Joint pains are very common, with knee pain the most common of all, followed by shoulder and hip pain. Painful joints become more and more common as you age.

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Evolved 3D Massage

The new Evolved 3D Massage Rollers are designed for outstanding flexibility capable of expanding up to 32% (x-axis) in width, drastically increasing the massage range, comfort level, and depth.


S-Track allows the Evolved 3D rollers to move to the natural shape of your spine, giving your back a satisfyingly more thorough and precise massage.

Zero Gravity Massage

The zero gravity position (126 deg +- 7 deg, knees at the same height with the heart) is the perfect position to enjoy a massage because that’s when pressure on your body, especially on your spine and back, is at its minimum.

Ergonomic C Shaped Backrest

Ergonomic U Shaped Seatrest

Ergonomic V Shaped Footrest

CUV Ergonomic Design

Samrt Delight Plus is ergonomically designed to accomaodate your body in the best possible way, maximising the enjoyment of your massage.

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Refresh I Start Every Morning Refreshed

Wakes up your muscles and refreshes your mind for a good start to the day with multiple hand massage techniques, such as tapping, clapping, swedish shiatsu and kneading with airbags working simultaneously to improve the flow of energy through your muscles. Energises your mind with programmed emission of blue rays at the same time.

Recovery I Midday Rejuvenation

This program works on your neck, shoulders and waist to release tension. It also promotes instant rejuvenation from fatigue in the midst of a busy day by combining gentle vibration and deep back scrapping with red rays.

Slumber I For A Good Night's Sleep

Combines a series of relaxing massage techniques – rolling, kneading and swedish – to create a special delicate-to-deep, slow-to-quick, heavy-to-light 3D massage session that targets your shoulders, back and waist to induce a restful sleep. Systematically emits 3 colours of rays – from blue to red, then red to green – throughout the program to enhance overall well-being.

Calm I End Your Massage With Perfection

The perfect end to your massage sessions. This mode puts your body in a Yoga Position, where it is completely relaxed. Pressure is then applied, via human thumb-, finger-, and hand-like rollers, on vital acupuncture points of your body, with emphasis on your feet. Tensed muscles are simutaneously relaxed with the light airbag massage, while tranquil green rays free your mind from stress and carry you off to a state of total calm.

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