Smart Space

Ogawa Smart Space comes with four automated pampering programs and a minimalistic control system that lets you enjoy any or all of them with just the push of a button.

Essential Programs


Enhances blood circulation.

Rolling   /   Tapping   /   Clapping   /   Airbag Massage   /   Vibration


Moves muscles to stimulate walking motion.

Rolling   /   Kneading   /   Tapping   /   Clapping   /   Shiatsu   /   Swedish Massage   /   Airbag Massage

Deep Tissue

Penetrates deep into muscle tissues to relieve stress and eliminate fatigue effectively.

Kneading   /   Tapping   /   Shiatsu   /   Swedish Massage   /   Airbag Massage


Slowly and gently massages entire body for total body relaxation and stress relief.

Rolling   /   Kneading   /   Swedish Massage   /   Airbag Massage

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Product Features

Arm Massage

Human hand-like massage and stretching on forearms to relieve daily aches.


Enhances blood circulation and relaxes muscles on the buttocks, thighs and calves.

Calves Massage

Effectively soothes tension off tired calf muscles.

V-Shaped Foot Massage

The V shape design massages feet accordingly to their natural shape, resulting a firmer and better foot massage.

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Pamper your body with Xtraordinary

S-Track conforms to the natural shape of the spine.

Rollers capable of protuding 5cm for a truly in-depth massage.

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XTRA Comfort

Backrest is designed with a 5cm – depth S-Track that will conform to your spine’s natural curves, giving you a more comfortable neck and waist massage.

XTRA Reach

Extended track length is capable of reaching all the way up to your neck, covering your whole back, and all the way

down until your waist.

XTRA Strength

3 levels of strength allow you to enjoy your massage with the strength you prefer.

XTRA Experience

All XD features are fully integrated into automated programs for a better massage experience.

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